Wednesday, 16 February 2011

How to Raise Your Profile Through Talks and Events

By Bernadette Doyle 

So much about business today is about marketing. How do you connect with customers? How do you tell them about your products? How do get them to want to buy from you? Essentially the most important part of marketing is creating a profile that people want to associate with. Talks provide you with the perfect opportunity to raise your profile and connect with potential customers.
Your Event doesn't need to be Big to be Effective
When people think about putting on an event they think they have to have an audience of 500 people. But even a training session to just 20 people can help you raise your profile. When you put on an event it provides you with a great opportunity to get the word out about your business and what you are doing. The marketing for the event puts your business in the spotlight. Traditionally 20% of the people you invite or target will attend your event.
Initially you may not think that this is a great result, but remember that the remaining 80% are still getting to hear about your business. You may not get their attention the first time around, but your next event may be something that interests them. They are still being made aware of your business.
More Talks and Training Seminars can raise your Profile
If you start to put on regular talks about a variety of topics you will soon start to have a noticeable profile. With regular events it doesn't take long to build up the perception in the marketplace that you are an expert in your industry. When I started out I was giving talks about once a month. But then I sat down and strategized a bit and worked out that if I did more events in a month and focused all my energy on marketing those talks I could really boost my business. It was a big step but the result was a snowball effect. When I sent out an invitation that listed several seminar dates it immediately boosted my profile. People sat up and took notice. If I had so many events on a key area of expertise then I must be worth listening to. The more talks I did, the more people got to hear about me.
Talks create a Personal Connection with Customers
Hosting a special event, a training session or a live seminar gives people the opportunity to get to know you. That personal connection with potential clients shows them who is behind your business. This is especially valuable if you offer a consulting service or are in an industry where there is a high level of personal input. When clients know who you are and get to hear what you are about they will be more inclined to buy from you.
Why giving talks and hosting events is so effective in raising your profile
• Marketing an event provides a wider scope of exposure for your business. More people get to hear your business name and what you are doing.
• People may not respond to an invitation to your event but they still become more aware of your business and who you are.
• When you give talks on key areas of expertise you can become known as a leading authority in your field. This raises your profile significantly.
• People who attend your talks and are impressed with the event are likely to tell co-workers, friends or business associates about you. In this way your business gains further exposure.
Talks are an excellent way to set your business up for success. Talks help you to establish a presence in an industry and raise your profile. By hosting events you can become known as an expert in a certain field. This then forms a solid platform from which you can launch other marketing efforts for your business.
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