Sunday, 26 December 2010

All You Need to Know About Starting Your Own Company

By Iwanono Makabebe 

If you are considering or in the process of forming a company in the United Kingdom, then you are in for an exciting ride. This can prove one of the most testing times for your company, and you need to ensure that you take every step necessary to make the launch of your company a successful one. The aim of this article is to provide you with some of the information you need to know with regard to business start-up and company registration.
When setting up a business in the UK, if you have decided that starting a company is right for you then consideration needs to be given to the company's name. You may wish to start this process by making a list of all the company names you wish to consider for your new business venture, before selecting the best name. You should access the Companies House website in order to find which company Names are available to you, or you can check using the Wisteria Formations name checking system.
It is also very important to consider exactly how much it will cost you to physically set up your company during the company registration phase. These costs will vary considerably between different types of service providers (lawyers, accountants etc) and online companies. These will offer you different levels of service for a different fee. Other start-up costs also depend on your circumstances. Costs associated with a new website would consist of computers, printers, web domains/server registration costs and the cost of web design, where as a high street shop will need to consider telephone/internet service, stock, shop fitting, cash registers and lighting.
Depending on the type of business you will be forming, overheads will play a major role in the amount of profit that you can realise. These are the ongoing expenses which a company will have to pay out for which may include electricity, Internet, water and telephone bills, along with any rent or mortgage that you will have to pay.
Obviously the costs that a business will face will depend on the type of business you will be operating. Some businesses have very high start-up and development costs to get off the ground, whereas other businesses can get going very easily and at a low cost.
The most common practice which many companies choose to register their selves is through the online website of a formation agent. These agents can help and advice you on all the areas covered in this article, such as searching for your desired company name, as well as setting up a company bank account and helping your new business with services such as book-keeping, accountancy, tax planning, business plan writing
Also ensure that you consider any legal and accountancy costs, staff salaries, insurance and banking costs. The business may be eligible for a grant or some form of government incentive, depending on the circumstances. Therefore if you are struggling for funding you may wish to consider this.

Why Online Businesses Need A Blog

By Justine Curtis 

If you are running an online business, one that sells products or services online, your main audience is the online community. The customers who will be ready and willing to buy from you online are those people who are comfortable researching and buying online, over the internet.
It is vitally important that to these people you are not seen as a nameless, faceless organisation, but a trustworthy business who will supply the goods or services displayed on your web site. There are many ways you can include proof of this on your website, but none is as convincing as online interaction.
A blog is a great format for interacting with your audience. It is less formal than the 'corporate' web site, allowing you to inject your own personality into the content. The snippets of information that you post are generally shorter than articles allowing you to post regular short pieces and links to other information your readers may find useful.
You can also have two-way conversations with your prospects that are there for all the world to see. You can supply user guides, all sorts of tips and advice, write subject related articles that your readers will find useful. And best of all, if they have a question, they can ask and you can respond via the blog so your response is public.
And the best news? As the content is regularly updated and 'fresh', search engines LOVE blogs. If you want to be found in the top of the search engines, it's one of the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way to get there.
In addition to that there are numerous tools available that will automatically post your blog content to your social media accounts. So if you are active in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others, snippets of your blog posts, along with a link to read the remainder of your live article from your main blog, can appear each time you post. Now isn't that easier than posting to multiple websites?
Justine Curtis is a co-founder of Academy for Online Business, a company devoted to helping self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs to build their own online business empires. If you would like to receive practical and informative online business training products to help you create your perfect online business, from solid foundations, to which systems you need in place, so that you can start running a business you love, visit

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Are You Ready for a Speaking Gig?

By Suzanne McDonald Evans

It's no secret... speaking from the stage is one of the fastest way to massive, repeatable, consistent paydays. In fact, in my own business, speaking has generated the largest infusions of cash. Hands down. And its done it over and over again. We were just wrapping up our 2010 projections and as many of you know we soared past the million dollar mark, but here is the truly fascinating news: Over 75% of that revenue can be directly attributed to speaking and events.
To uncover this amazing goldmine didn't happen overnight for me. In fact, I can remember my early gigs, speaking in front of handfuls of people, and thinking, "What the heck am I doing wrong?" IF I landed a speaking gig. Step one was the most difficult part.
So you have a choice. Develop slowly over time. Or jump to the head of the line. Instantly. Of course, faster is better. But how? I have a few ideas for you:
1) Don't be picky to start. Land gigs for small groups and go local. Every single experience you have will matter. You will make connections, build exposure, and get more and more clear about your message.
2) Always sell something. Sometimes you will sell items that cost and sometimes they will be free. For instance - you might offer a CD or product for sale and take payments. Some organizations will ask that you don't sell, but you will still sell. Give something away and collect names. In speaking you are always list building.
3) Get creative. I emailed friends, family, and colleagues with the requirement of introducing me to at least one person they knew that could get me in front of people at clubs, churches, schools, companies, etc. You would be surprised who your family knows.
4) Be good and get better! There is nothing worse than a bad speaker, so you have to practice and you must get feedback. HONEST feedback... that's why speaking anywhere to start is key.
5) Find opportunities - collaborate with colleagues to see where you can join forces to put on your own speaking event.
Speaking is the ticket to building your list, your visibility, and your income. Grab the chance whenever you can and get your movement known!
(c) 2010 Suzanne Evans
Suzanne Evans is best known as the 'action expert' and has coached hundreds of solopreneurs to model her multiple six figure business. Learn how you can help more people, make more money and have more fun doing what you love by signing up for your free copy of the 5-Part Mini-Course 'Awakening Your Authentic Entrepreneur' at

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Why Social Networking Is a Must for Internet Marketers

If you run a business outside of the online world, how do you mingle with people and share information about your business? You network. You go to local business meetings, chamber of commerce meetings or whatever other events happen in your local area. You talk to other business owners and you also talk to potential clients and customers.
Even though Internet marketers work entirely online, in order to be on top of their business, they need to network as well. The easiest way to network online is through social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Millions of Internet users use these websites every single day to find what they need, share things with their social circle and find out what everyone else has been up to.
What has your business been up to? If you're an Internet marketer, more than likely, you have several things going on that may interest people. Other marketers may be interested in how you run your campaigns and potential customers might want to know what new and exciting products your company is going to be selling or promoting in the future.
Social networking is a must for Internet marketers because it gives marketers one centralized place to make announcements, have contests, take polls, share information and gather feedback. All of this information is vital to making sure that the marketer is putting him or herself out there as much as possible. If no one knows who the marketer is, that creates a lack of trust and consumers will not buy from people who they do not know and trust.
Implementing social networking into marketing campaigns is necessary in today's Internet marketing world. Competition is tough, the recession makes people think more carefully about what they spend their money on and people love social media and social networking. Due to all of these reasons, there is no reason to not be networking online right now and taking your marketing business one step further.
Vanessa Sweeney finds and writes about the latest trends on the Internet at

Thursday, 28 October 2010

"Exploit The Marketing Power Of Twitter" - NEW COURSE COMING SOON!

Just to let you all know that we are working hard at Biz Skills 2000 to add the finishing touches to our new home study course on exploiting the marketing power of Twitter for your business. The more you look into Twitter, the better it gets for being used as an internet marketing tool and you must take advantage of it for your business. Our new course will show you how to get great results. 

The course will be available first as an e-book for instant download and this will be ready in early November. Check back on this blog regularly as we are going to confirm that it's live on here and on the Biz Skills 2000 website at the same time.

Best wishes from Andrew and all the Biz Skills 2000 team.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

FREE FACTSHEET 27 Top Money-Making Tips On Using Twitter For Marketing

The social networking phenomenon Twitter is so popular and so big that any business, particularly an internet based business, cannot afford to miss out on its potential as a great tool for marketing. Its tremendously valuable to marketers because of its capacity to target a specific audience and communicate with them in real time.

I've just posted a new article on How To Use Twitter As A Marketing Tool on the Biz Skills 2000 website, so please take a look and help yourself to a free download at  Let me know if you found it useful, and also send me your requests for factsheets in the future that would help your business

Friday, 8 October 2010

The High Three Money Boosting Internet Advertising Tips

Ezine-Articles | The High Three Money Boosting Internet Advertising Tips
By : Orlando Local

Internet marketing is an easy way to get exposure to any product you want and actually make sales. But, if you're just a beginner, make sure you're aware of these common mistakes most people make. You're about to read about some of these mistakes so that you can steer clear of them.

Not listing your site in the search engines is one online marketing mistake that is as common as it is obvious. The majority of websites rely mainly on search engines for targeted traffic. If your site cannot be accessed via the search engines, it equates to a large loss for your internet business because you are missing out on a lot of prospective customers. Listing your site with the search engines and gaining a good ranking for terms with little competition isn't all that hard. As an example, if your business is within the "dog training" sector, you need to be aware of the fact that hundreds of thousands of people use search engines on a regular basis to learn more information on this particular niche. Putting in a little effort and actually optimizing your website for the search engines will take you a long way. Some webmasters think, that since they get a lot of referral traffic, they don't need search engine traffic. This is not the wisest course of action because if you don't concentrate on the search engines you stand to lose thousands of free visitors. Even if you will need to put in some time and effort to index your site with the search engines and then rank it, the results will be well worth it. As your site ranks in the SERPs for an ever increasing number of terms, so too will the traffic coming to your website increase. There is absolutely no method that can deliver such massive results at no cost. You need to do something about it now, if you have not yet considered listing your website with the most important search engines.

The biggest mistake that Internet marketers make is they confuse their prospects or ask too much from them. You should concentrate mainly on making things as easy as possible, as an internet marketer, for your prospective clients. Let's say you want to build an email list, the best advice is to only ask for the email address and name of your prospect because otherwise every new blank they need to fill in will only reduce their desire to sign up. Along the same lines make sure to keep the ordering process as simple as possible when you are selling a product. Ensure that your potential customer has everything he or she needs to order the product. If you're going to take your prospect through a number of unnecessary steps, then it will only bring down their interest level.

Before you begins selling products on the internet, whether they're yours or someone else's, you'll want to include some testimonials from your past customers on your website. When people first visit your website, and they see that you've already satisfied a few customers, they'll feel more drawn to buy from you. If your product is new, then you can get testimonials from experts in your niche who can review your product and give it an approval.

In closing, Internet marketing can offer a profitable, fun way to earn money, but it's important to put in the work and effort required to reach this level of success.

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Article From Ezine-Articles

Thursday, 30 September 2010

“The Marketing Toolkit” Book Review

Marketing is such a key subject for the success of a small business that I would recommend spending any spare time you have (And yep, I do know we’re all busy people) researching and reading up on this topic. Put simply, if you don’t market your products well enough, you’ve got no sales, no revenue and no business.

Starting this introduction again, I should in fact be strongly recommending that you make time to find out about marketing for the long term good of your business - it really is that crucial.

Anyway, I recently came across a good book on marketing which I’ve found very useful. Marketing is a very broad subject, so if you’re still finding your way around and are a bit hazy about what to do next, then let me recommend “The Marketing Toolkit” by Jeff Della Mura.

Jeff’s book sets out to cover all aspects of the marketing spectrum in fifty bite-sized chunks. With much use of bullet points, simple explanations and real world examples I found this book relaxing to read, easy to understand and very clearly laid out. It’s very straightforward to find the topic you’re looking for and Jeff tries hard to link you from the topic you’re actually reading to other connected topics elsewhere in the book.

While the book covers all the fundamentals of marketing (like branding; advertising; wise words and sales literature; internet marketing and website design; communication and customer satisfaction) the book is carefully designed to show you the links between related components within any and all of these fundamentals in a building-it-brick-by-brick style. This greatly helps you to avoid overlooking something important that you realise you should have done when its far too late to stop the launch of your new marketing campaign.

One thing you need to know about this book is that its more of an “ideas book” than a “copy me” book. What I mean is that its a superb checklist of what you could be doing but you then have to read up somewhere else about the detail of how to do it. (Please take a look at my website for home study courses and free factsheets on marketing skills.)

To summarise then, I would rate “The Marketing Toolkit” by Jeff Della Mura as an excellent “dip in - dip out”  reference book at an affordable cover price of £9.99 when first published in 2009 - but see the advert nearby for the best price currently available on Amazon.

I always look forward to picking up “The Marketing Toolkit” every couple of months and just browsing through it. I always put it back down later on having found another great idea for my business, and so will you. Recommended.

  • “The Marketing Toolkit” by Jeff Della Mura. Published by “How To Books”, Oxford 2009 ISBN 978 1 84528 285 1

Monday, 20 September 2010

Making Money using Twitter

While I was checking some details for the new 'Running A Direct Mail Campaign' home study course (which, incidentally, is in line for release in early October) a marketing article about using Twitter as a marketing tool caught my attention. I glanced at it meaning only to skim read it but got quite gripped by the whole idea of Twitter - which I confess I don't know much about - and I would love to put together what you might call a Mini CD Course as a quickie on this subject.

Using Twitter as a marketing tool has more potential than I thought because Twitter is more sophisticated than I realised. There are quite a few clever add-ons that build on its basic function as a messaging service so I'm raring to go and do some more investigating. But first, me and the team must crack on with the Direct Mail CD Course and get that one finished on schedule.

If only I had more time to look into all these ideas and make them happen, that would be brill !

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Next CD-based home study course - this is your chance for a pre-publication discount of 20%

Currently working hard on the next CD-based home study course for my business Biz Skills 2000 Ltd. (

This study course is on the subject of Direct Mail Campaigns - how to set them up; how to run them profitably; what the key factors for success are. 
It will be completed and going on sale in late September/early October priced at £17.95. 
If you send me an email at by 30th September to say that you want to buy a copy, then I'll give you a pre-publication discount of 20%. 
How's that for a good deal?

Saturday, 21 August 2010

FREE FACTSHEETS - Biz Skills 2000 Ltd - business skills training & home study courses on CD for entrepreneurs

FREE FACTSHEETS - Biz Skills 2000 Ltd - business skills training & home study courses on CD for entrepreneurs

Over the last few days I have been looking into how to Market my Website For Free, so I thought I would share the information I have gathered with you all. I have put it into a free fact sheet, which you can download at

Please let me have your views and experiences!