Saturday, 19 January 2013

Opt-in Email Marketing Secrets

Expert Author Felix M.Developing a targeted email list of subscribers that are responsive is a critical component of making money on-line. In fact, your ability generate and maximize profits from lucrative niches will depend largely on how effective you are at building that profitable email list.

However, the process of building your email marketing skills does not stop with collecting optin email addresses to market your products and services. In fact, this is only the beginning. There is a formula to success when it comes to email marketing. You must connect with your leads and prospects who have taken the step of giving you their contact information. Your number one priority is to provide massive value, get them to know you, trust you, and build a relationship with all of them.
This is the optin email marketing secret online marketers often miss. They setup a capture page, offer something of value to a visitor, and turns that visitor into a subscriber. Then, they proceed to bombard that subscriber with offers for products and services they should purchase.
The challenge is, that subscriber does not know you yet, and they will not buy. In fact, how can they buy if they do not know who you are, whether they should trust you and of how much value you will be to them. These may seem like obstacles, but they can easily be overcome through an autoresponder series that will help you build trust with your subscriber.
That is another secret. Every marketer probably knows; however, because it is simple to do, it is also simple not to do. So they miss it. Our job as marketers is to make sure we introduce who we are and the value the prospect will get by being a subscriber. They need to come to a point where they look forward to your emails.
When you establish that trust, either through your autoresponder series or a series of broadcast messages, only then can you move on to asking questions of your leads. Ask them what they want from you. What are their challenges? Why are they on your list? Find the answers to these questions and then offer solutions that will address the problems you have uncovered.
Optin email marketing is not difficult when you have a strategy in place that will allow you to build trust with your subscribers. Implement a strategy, and you will create a loyal list of subscribers itching to buy from you at a moment's notice.
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