Sunday, 8 July 2012

27 Top Money-Making Tips On Using Twitter For Marketing

The social networking phenomenon Twitter is so popular and so big that any business, particularly an internet based business, cannot afford to miss out on its potential as a great tool for marketing. Its tremendously valuable to marketers because of its capacity to target a specific audience and communicate with them in real time.

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Making Your Business Appear Bigger

Expert Author Calum MacleodHow your business is perceived can make a big difference to its success. Appearing to be a large and successful business can help customers and clients trust your business and make them more eager to do business with you. Customers are more likely to trust a business that has been around for a long time and has previously served a lot of customers. It's a catch 22 that customers will trust successful businesses and that businesses need customers to first be a success.
Fear not though. There are ways to make your business appear like it is a large and successful company even before it is. Let's look at three ways to improve the impression that your company gives over to clients and customers.
1. Cover all points of contact
Every time a potential customer comes into contact with your business they should receive a consistent level of customer service and be exposed to your carefully constructed brand. If you call up a major retailer such as Tesco you will get an identical if not very similar response every time. If you visit the Tesco website you will be exposed to the same branding that you would come across in store and in the advertisements. Big business is consistent across many levels. That is what you need your business to live up to. Your contact centre should deliver a consistent and professional service whether it is staffed by 1 or ten receptionists.
2. Reviews
Once you get customers and clients make sure you make the most of them. Incite people to review your products or service. Nothing makes prospective customers and clients trust you more than seeing how well you have performed in the past. There are lots of sites where you can have reviews submitted to give you some independent validation. Don't be scared of negative reviews. Always ensure that you try to give the best service and reply to all negative criticism honestly and you'll do fine.
3. Association
If you can associate your business with success some of it can rub off. This can be a bit harder at the start when you have no actual large clients or associations to boast about but it's not impossible. You can sign up to official associations in your industry or offer to do something for free for big companies in return for being able to place their logo on your site.
There are lots of ways that a young company can compete. Your challenge is to make the best use of any advantage to you. To make your business more professional consider an outsourced call answering company.
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