Monday, 20 September 2010

Making Money using Twitter

While I was checking some details for the new 'Running A Direct Mail Campaign' home study course (which, incidentally, is in line for release in early October) a marketing article about using Twitter as a marketing tool caught my attention. I glanced at it meaning only to skim read it but got quite gripped by the whole idea of Twitter - which I confess I don't know much about - and I would love to put together what you might call a Mini CD Course as a quickie on this subject.

Using Twitter as a marketing tool has more potential than I thought because Twitter is more sophisticated than I realised. There are quite a few clever add-ons that build on its basic function as a messaging service so I'm raring to go and do some more investigating. But first, me and the team must crack on with the Direct Mail CD Course and get that one finished on schedule.

If only I had more time to look into all these ideas and make them happen, that would be brill !

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