Friday, 1 April 2011

How to Be of Value As a Twitter User

By Henrik V Blunck 

How to be of value on Twitter is a question of bringing tweets others find useful. When you target a niche you need to write tweets that benefit others, and while you should also retweet what others say to add even more value, there are still good rules as to how you can be a reel power tweeter.
Everyone can write a tweet. 140 characters is easy to write. But getting content into each tweet involves being able to say things in a short and direct manner. One Danish author created a multi-user platform where people could write stories. Only 39 mini-stories have been written, but the idea attracted the attention of journalists and was mentioned in a couple of newspapers. So being unique can suddenly cause you to get even more exposure than anyone would ever have guessed.
Similarly, when people you follow write prime content, it's best to retweet. Don't begin rewriting content, but be a real power tweeter by sharing with your followers also. That shows involvement, and will earn you some goodwill for future retweets of what you share on Twitter.
Good tweets are tweets that share things with others. It may be the occasional smalltalk information about local weather, but your primary focus should be on targetting niches that fit your line of business. In that way you create a professional presence, but having a private side to tweets also shows that you are a real human being with emotions and thoughts about things that happen around you.
Politics should be avoided in branding a company name, but could be useful in showing who you really are when you have a personal profile on Twitter. Disagreements are best handled in DM with other users rather than wasting your followers' time with needless debates. Even though you might find the debate interesting you end up losing followers if they feel you are too persistent in your line of reasoning. Carefully considering whether what you write will benefit your followers should be your primary focus before you click that Tweet button.
Installing a tool for your desktop such as TweetDeck will work wonders since you can be more timely with your tweets, and you save a lot of time by not having to log in to your Twitter account through a separate tab in your browser. Implementing what you have now learned should help you become of even greater value to your followers, and is worth remembering right away.
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