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How to Write High Converting Emails - 9 Email Marketing Tips to Follow


There are many do's and don'ts when it comes to learning how to write high converting emails. Unlike the kind of emails you send to your friends, co-workers and business associates, high converting emails aren't always addressed to someone you know personally or even recognize by face at all. Most of the time, these emails are simply broadcasted to a list of email addresses with no faces.
However, there are some things you can learn from sending regular emails that you can apply to these marketing emails. Read on to find out how to write high converting emails.
Email Marketing Tip # 1: Be Friendly.
As you would a friend, adopt a relaxed and pleasant tone in your emails. You may not be aiming to develop a close friendship with the recipients, but you're still aiming to form a trusted relationship with them. Besides, being friendly gives your otherwise professional email a personality, a face.
Email Marketing Tip # 2: But Not Too Friendly.
Of course, you shouldn't go overboard with the niceness either. Some people might interpret that as being pushy or aggressive. And as far as marketing emails go, becoming a little pushy automatically marks you as spam.
Avoid making your letter sound too much like a love confession. Try not to sound desperate when attempting to get people to buy a certain product. Start with a friendly greeting then state the facts and what they can get out of the deal.
Email Marketing Tip # 3: Be Wary of HTML emails.
While sending an html email (with graphics) sounds like a good idea, it's actually not quite as advisable. Some email programs don't really support html email properly (or at all), while a few may filter them out as spam.
And if your message turns out looking a little less like it's supposed to be, then you've just made yourself and the product you're representing look somewhat incompetent. Being perceived as incompetent (even though it's not true) almost always translates to untrustworthy in the minds of customers.
After all, you can't exactly point your finger at the email program or blame your recipient's slow Internet connection. Html email is risky and has proven itself to be more trouble than it's worth. To be sure, send out text emails.
Email Marketing Tip # 4: Capture Them with a Fine Subject Line.
Experienced Internet users can usually tell from the subject heading alone whether an email message is worth opening or not. While a very minor detail, it still has a large impact on your recipients. One look at your subject heading is all it takes for them to decide whether to click on it or to send it to the spam folder.
There are many ways to get a person's attention. Some like to insert a "you" in their subjects because it appeals to a person's basic instincts. Others like to start with a bang with controversial headlines.
Email Marketing Tip # 5: Be Specific When Addressing Your Recipient.
Opening your email with the phrase "to whom it may concern" is a big turn off. If you want to make a good impression right from the start, address them by their name.
Most autoresponders allow you to place a certain syntax, where the syntax is replaced by the subscriber's first name upon sending.
"Hello David" sounds a hundred times better than "to whom it may concern," don't you think?
Email Marketing Tip # 6: Keep It Short and Sweet.
Even though you have a rocking headline, keep your message brief yet informative. People don't exactly have a lot of time to read long messages (much less long messages from someone who's trying to sell them something). Besides, keeping it short and to the point makes them hunger for more information.
Email Marketing Tip # 7: Focus on the Benefits, Not the Features.
Sometimes, people don't realize just how much they can benefit from your product. Even if you list down all 100 of your product's amazing features, they'll still need a large arrow pointing which ones can benefit them personally.
To save them a lot of time (and to maintain their interest as well), zero in on how your product can help them lead a better life. If your product is an e-book that can help them earn additional income, for example, saying "find out how to earn big bucks in just seven minutes" ought to do the trick!
Email Marketing Tip # 8: Use Bullet Points.
Bullet points are your best friend. They help summarize what you intend to say in a just a few direct to the point lines. Using bullet points also helps you highlight the important benefits of purchasing your product.
Email Marketing Tip # 9: Earn Their Trust.
When writing emails, you also need to keep in mind that your recipients might belong to the huge group of Internet users who have been burned by spam before.
To help earn their trust, make sure you put relevant information about you and the product at the end of your message. Giving them a contact number or an email address they can direct their inquiries to also amps up your credibility factor.
Learning how to write high converting emails is easy and will prove to be quite profitable in the future! Take note of all the tips and tricks mentioned in this article so you won't have a hard time attracting your prospects.
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